As avid candle users we knew what we liked in a candle and so begun our candle making journey. We wanted to create a luxury candle that was clean burning, sustainable and vegan. As a wife and husband team we founded One Element Candle with all those things in mind. We would never make a candle that we ourselves would not absolutely love.

 - Nicole & Joubin  



Why Coconut wax?

Coconut wax is one of the most sustainable and clean-burning waxes available. 

How do I reuse the container?

Simply wipe out any excess warm wax with a cloth and pop off the wick. Wash out with soap and hot water. 

Help! Why is my flame so large/why is there so much soot?

By keeping your candle wick trimmed you will prevent a large flame and soot! You can simply pinch the top off of the cooled wick. 

Help! Why is my candle tunneling?

To avoid tunneling make sure that you are burning your candle long enough to let the liquified wax reached the inside edge of the glass. 

Is the wax safe for the body?

Yes! Always test a small patch of skin for allergies and make sure the wax is at a safe temperature. 

Returns and Exchanges. 

At this time we are not able to take returns or make exchanges. Please, contact us right away if your candle has been damaged or broken upon its arrival. 




Questions, Comments? Email us @ info.oneelementcandle@gmail.com